28th June 2022

App Integrations
We are now offering further functionality into the platform in the way of apps and integrations. This may be syncing with Google, or adding Expense Manage, or Overtime etc. These will be released over the coming year, and Expenses Manager is ready and live.

Bug fix with bank holidays
When requesting a leaver report for an employee, if that employee started within the same working year, the bank holidays count was incorrect. This has now been resolved and heavily tested.

Mental Health Notifications
You can set an amount of days without holiday before an employee is notifed of this, where the system will advise them to take a break and book some holiday.

Sickness Patterns
The system will now monitor and use AI to generate a report for HR and Admin staff on patterns found in employees sickness and holiday. This will massively help you to approach employees about potential issues outside of work or issues within the workplace.

Improved Search
Search has been improved across the platform.

Job Title & Description
You can now add the Job Title and Description to an employee's profile.

UI Improvments
A few layout improvements have been made, especially in the Employees section.

7th October 2021

Birthday Days on Calendars
Birthdays for employees will now show on both the timeline and regular calendars.

Birthday Days Extra Allowance
As a team admin you can set a new option to give all employees an extra days allowance each year for their birthday. This is not automatically booked, simply an additional day to the allowance.

Birthday Emails
When its an employees birthday, we will send them a happy birthday email, letting them know we care.

Request Notification Bug
If your team contains no HR or HR_ADMIN employee then the request email would be sent to the admins or owner. A bug prevented this from happening which is now fixed.

Search on Team Requests
A new search option is available on the Team Requests page for each tab element, allowing you to quickly search through the requests.

13th September 2021

Action Notes Display Bug
Fixed small display issue with action notes on editing requests modal window.

Typo Fix
Fixed a typo on the ‘Accept’ button when actioning an event on the modal window.

Leaver Report Bug
Fixed an issue with the leaver report, where it wasn’t taking carried over days into consideration.

Implemented capture on the sign up page.
To help prevent spam accounts and offer better security

Implemented a new Sub Team owner HR role
This now means if your team uses sub teams, when a member of a sub-team requests holiday the request is handled by the sub-team owner and not the main HR or Admin staff. HR and Admin staff will still receive a notification within the platform but wont receive emails alerting them to this.

The sub-team owner cannot action their own events, level up HR or Admin members will need to action these events.

Sub Team Owner Rquests Page
Implemented a new Sub Team Requests page for all sub-team owners to manage request from within their sub-team in one place.

2nd September 2021

Rounding Controls
New rounding controls have been introduced into the Team Settings section of the platform to help control how automatic allowances are rounded. Exact, Half Up, or Fully rounded up.

Admin + HR Manager
Implemented a new user role to combine Admins and HR Mangers. This was the combined role can control the whole platform yet still be responsible for HR requests. Yet other standard Admins do not receive the HR requests.

1st September 2021

2.0 Release
After many months of working on rebranding and restructuring the platform, we are pleased to announce the launch of KoreCalendar 2.0

Many many things have changed and introduced on the new platform. We would be more than happy to give you a one to one video demo of how the new platform can work better for you.

Variable Days
A way to add in custom leave types and set to users or global team.

Award Days
Give users working for you longer than a year an additional day extra each year.

Better Allowance Widgets
Many users struggled to understand how their allowance was generated. Not anymore as we have built a classy dashboard with a full breakdown and explanation for each user.

Improved UI and UX
A whole entire new layout improving responsive and cross browser bugs, overall look and feel, and user interaction.

Auto Calculation
The platform can now auto calculate allowances for users on the fly, and alert you to problems along the way. Save many hours of using entitlement calculators.

Better Security
Enhanced all aspects of security across the platform.

In-depth Reporting
Real time in-depth reporting covering all aspects of the platform. No more working out how many days a user is entitled to when leaving the company, with the click of a button its all done for you.

Multiple Calendar Views
Choose between allowing the standard user to view either the timeline calendar or a standad singular monthly calendar only showing their events.

User Roles for HR
Set a user as a HR Manage to direct all requests to them and not admins or owners.

11th December 2019

User Requests - Bug
When a user was requesting a day/s within their allowance it would respond with a notice that they already had that day booked or they didn’t have enough allowance remaining. This bug is now fully fixed.

HR Manager Emails - Bug
Email notifications are now working once a user submits or edits a request.

Sick Days - Bug
Creating a sick day for a user is now fully functional again.

Requesting For Member as Manager - Bug
When a manager would try to request a day for a team member the day/s were added to the manager themselves. This is now fully fixed and functional.

31st March 2019

Quick Summary
We have changed the way the team summary is displayed for Events within the dashboard. We now only show current events throughout their duration rather that a limited list of upcoming and current events.

Support Tickets
Updates including bug fixes have been applied and ticketing has become much more efficient.

Calendar Dates
All dates shown within the application will now display as full formatted strings. For example a date once displayed as 10-01-2019, will now be display as. 10th January 2019.

Birthday Email
The email sent to users who have a birthday has now been updated and wont end up in the recipients spam folder.

29th March 2019

Two Step Authentication
All bugs have been fixed and Two-Step is now working correctly.

Holiday Allowance
An update has been made to correct bank holiday total from the users allowance where are user has started within the current year.

Quick Summery
Profile pictures have now been included.

Team Notifications
This update was to show only notifications within the week prior and coming to the current days date. Better styling has also been applied and the window capped to a set height.

New Feature
We have now added a new User Summery into the dashboard so users can clearly see a breakdown of events pending, rejected and canceled request. Also how many events the user taken within the current month, sick days taken within the current month, and how many requests have been accepted.

Calendar Updates
We have now included a method for team administrators to add holiday requests for users within the calendar. The HR manager / administrators still need to accept these requests are creating them.

Users can now click on a day or drag and select multiple days within the calendar view to create a new request without using the date pickers.

We have also now allowed users with a 0 day allowance to be able to request Unpaid Leave, Compassionate Leave, Business Trip, and Maternity Leave.

Team Settings
When a user is updated within the team members manager area the holiday count and allowances.

20th March 2019

Holiday Allowance
An update to correct users allowance displays was made as some users had incorrect totals within the allowance widget.

HR Manager
A new user role 'HR Manager' has now been created allowing the HR manage to receive emails as and when users add new requests or edit existing and pending requests.

18th March 2019

Platform Updates
A new platform updates page has now been added to the support section within the website and application listing all bugs and updates that have been fixed.